Photographic Competition

The winners of the 2018 competition:

First Place:
Roger Callan for The Painted Hall, Greenwich
Showing the restoration in progress of the Arms of William and Mary in the Painted Hall at the Royal Naval Academy, Greenwich.

Second Place:
Paul Jagger for Crest of Dukes of Devonshire on Steam Yacht Goldola
The prow of the Steam Yacht owned and operated by the National Trust. The photo was taken on the shores of Coniston, Cumbria in March 2018.

Third Place:
Roger Callan for Knight of Duchy Saxe-Weimer Nuremburg
The armour bears quarterly of Twelve:
1. Saxon Palatinate; 2. Thüringen; 3. Meissen; 4. Orlamünde; 6. Pleissen; 7. Brehna; 8. Landsberg; 9. Palatinate Thüringen; 10. ‘Regekien’ for Royal Prerogatives; 11. Altenburg and Henneberg; 12. Eisenberg; 5. en surtout Saxony.