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Photographic Competition 2015 Results

The 2015 Heraldry Society Photographic Competition, was won by the Reverend Roger Callan of New York, who took the prize with his photograph showing the figurehead of a recreated French Frigate the “Hermione’. The original ship took the Marquess La Fayette to America to rally the French troops. You can read about this famous ship on line. The figurehead depicts a Lion Or. bearing the French Arms, The Lion is depicted as ‘Growling’.

The Runner- up was a picture composed by Leslie Hodgeson of Glasgow his photograph showing fine detailed masonry carving of various Bishops Arms spread over an arched door head.

The 2015 Heraldry Society Corporate Heraldry Award. Has been awarded to The City of Worcester. The City has two Armorial bearings, both of which are used simultaneously to proclaim their Corporate identity which they do in many ways. Thanks to Roger Whitworth for his nomination of the City. The award certificate will be prepared by Heraldic Artist David Hopkinson and presented to The City in 2016.

The Anglia Guides were nominated by the Judges as being worthy runners-up, with their highly crafted Standards. Thanks for this nomination go to Eileen Hawkes Guides Heraldic Co-ordinator. The Guides have understood the importance of Heraldry since their creation at the turn of the 19th century.

The Heraldry Society would like to thank the Judges and everyone who gave their support to make these events possible.

Clive Alexander (Competitions Co-ordinator).

Photographic Competition 2016 

Photograph Competition Rules

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